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Windows 8 build 8118 is a post-Developer Preview build of Windows 8, which was shared on 25 December 2020 only in the x86 architecture. It is the last known build of Windows to use the older Start menu and the last known build of Windows 8 to play the startup and shutdown sounds.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Whilst launching the beginning of setup, nothing much has changed, except that the setup interface now defaults to the 1024x768 screen resolution, rather than 800x600. The same goes for the unredpilled OOBE interface. Otherwise, nothing else had changed.

If launching SysPrep whilst the system is redpilled, a few screens similar as to if you were deploying the install.wim yourself would appear - such as the EULA.

Redpill[edit | edit source]

This build is notable for being the last available build to use Redpill, despite being compiled after 8102, which came with it already applied. Thus, a tool like Redlock is still required to access the Metro features (such as the start screen, the Metro login screen, and Immersive app execution). Metro itself is identical to how it appeared in the previous build, outside of the previously mentioned Sysprep changes and the removal of the demo Metro applications from 8102; only Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop, the Immersive Control Panel, and Store are present.

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Compatibility[edit | edit source]

To install or run this build in VMware Workstation, you must set the hardware compatibility to versions 8.x, 9.x or 10.x, otherwise, a black screen with an error code will appear.

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