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Windows 8.1 build 9415 (fbl_partner_out22) is a build of Windows 8.1. Screenshots of this build in Simplified Chinese were shared in a BetaArchive topic on 1 June 2013,[1] while the build itself was uploaded to the aforementioned site on 4 February 2020 in the Korean language. An American English language pack for this build was also uploaded on the same day.

It is the last build to use Windows 8's desktop wallpaper as default before it got replaced with img3 from the same OS.

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Start button[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first build to re-implement the Start button, which had been absent since Windows 8 build 8186. However, it still requires the user to mouse over to the bottom left corner of the screen in order for it to show.
  • Shutdown options have been added to the ⊞Win+X menu.

Start screen[edit | edit source]

  • Pinned apps and groups can be moved without needing to go into "Customize" mode.
  • Resize options for pinned apps have been condensed into a context menu.
  • Several wallpaper options have been removed.

Apps list[edit | edit source]

  • The apps list can now be sorted into categories.
  • Tiles for desktop applications now use the icon's dominant color.
  • The PC Settings app is now displayed on the apps list.
  • The appearance of the search box has been updated.

Search[edit | edit source]

  • ⊞Win+S can now be used to open the search charm.
  • The search charm has been redesigned to its RTM appearance.
  • Filtering options have been re-added, and can be enabled from a drop-down.
  • The search results page has been updated.

File Explorer[edit | edit source]

  • Computer has been renamed to This PC.
  • File Explorer opens to This PC instead of Libraries.
  • Libraries have been removed from the navigation pane by default. It can be re-added by right-clicking the navigation pane and selecting "Show libraries" or "Show all folders".
  • Folders for Desktop and Downloads have been added to This PC. Additionally, the folders are no longer labeled as "System Folders".
  • The "Hard Disk Drives" and "Devices with Removable Storage" categories under This PC have been combined into "Devices and Drives".

Internet Explorer[edit | edit source]

  • Internet Explorer 11 now recognizes itself as a preview build.
  • The copyright date has been updated to 2013.
  • The option to disable tabs has been removed.

Control Panel[edit | edit source]

  • This is the earliest known build to have removed the "Performance Information and Tools" applet from Control Panel, which was first seen in Windows Vista build 5252. However, the command-line tool for determining rating values is still available.
  • "Taskbar Properties" has been renamed to "Taskbar and Navigation Properties". However, navigation options wouldn't be added until the official Milestone Preview build.
  • The Work Folders applet has been added.

PC Settings[edit | edit source]

  • A new home page has been implemented.
  • The user's accent color is now used on the selection pane.
  • The search box has been moved to the selection pane and has been condensed into an icon.
  • The option to revert back to the Windows 8 layout has been removed.
  • Items have been re-categorized.

Apps[edit | edit source]

  • Reading List and Scan apps have been added.
  • Alarms, Calculator, and Sound Recorder apps have been updated to resemble their RTM counterparts.
  • The Xbox Music app received a major UI redesign.
  • Movie Moments received several UI updates.
  • Bing and Messaging apps have been removed.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

OOBE[edit | edit source]

This build has a broken OOBE and you may have to make an account manually and skip OOBE by making changes in the registry.

To skip the OOBE and go to the desktop immediately, you can follow these steps:

First solution:

1. After installing, boot into Windows Setup.
2. Press ⇧ Shift+F10 to open Command Prompt, and then open Registry Editor.
3. Load the following hives to the registry: (Generally the system drive is located at D:\)
(System drive):\Windows\System32\config\SAM
(System drive):\Windows\System32\config\SOFTWARE
(System drive):\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM
4. Navigate to HKEY_USERS\SAM\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F4 and then modify the number "11" in "F" to "10".
5. Navigate to HKEY_USERS\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and then modify ""EnableFirstLogonAnimation"" to 0.
6. Navigate to HKEY_USERS\SYSTEM\Setup and then modify these below:
CmdLine =
OOBEInProgress = 0
SetupPhase = 0
SetupType = 0
7. Unload the hives that you loaded before, and then restart.
Sometimes the account has a password. Run the net user command to reset the password if it happens.

Second solution:

1. On the first screen of OOBE, press ⇧ Shift+F10, a command prompt will appear.
2. Enter the regedit command, then you will open the Registry Editor.
3. Go to the following path: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup.
4. Change the value of the CmdLine parameter from oobe/windeploy.exe to cmd.exe.
5. Change the value of the OOBEInProgress parameter from 1 to 0.
6. Change the value of the SetupPhase parameter from 4 to 1.
7. Change the value of the SetupType parameter from 2 to 1.
8. Close Registry Editor and at the command prompt type the following command: shutdown /r /t 00 to reboot.
9. Now, if you did everything right, when you boot, you should automatically have a command line. You need to manually create an administrator account. To do this, run the following command:
net user Administrator /active:yes
10. After that, launch the Task Manager. To do this, in the command line, enter the taskmgr command. Then end the winlogon.exe process. Or enter the following command in the command prompt:
taskkill /f /im /t winlogon.exe

Third solution:

Replace the msoobe.exe file with different version, at the same time replace the security catalog file.

Security Options[edit | edit source]

Opening the Security Options (Ctrl+Alt+Del) may lead to a black screen.

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