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Windows Longhorn build 4038 is a Milestone 6 build of Windows Longhorn. On 23 January 2020, this build was listed on a thread by UX.Unleaked blog founder Grabberslasher to be released to the BetaArchive FTP. It was uploaded on 30 January 2020 in the seventh set of his 33 Longhorn/Vista builds, along with its server counterpart.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Although setup is mostly similar to previous builds of Longhorn, the cancel and back buttons have been removed, now making the top-left back and top-right exit buttons the only choices. Upon hovering over buttons, the icon of your mouse now changes as well. The upgrade page has also been updated, now having the buttons organized vertically, rather than horizontally.

However, this is the first build of Longhorn to contain the complete setup inside the install.wim image, and setup will boot off the setup located inside the image.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • The 3D views have been improved in usability when compared to 4033.main. The spinning icons have returned and the 3D views are interactable. However, it is still not possible to use Panorama to open files or folders.
  • It is now possible to move an Explorer window by clicking and dragging on free space within the upper navigation pane. In addition, double-clicking empty space on that pane also minimizes the window.
  • Replaced Help and Support by Assistance. However, it is almost nonfunctional since the links in its home screen only take to blank pages.

DCE[edit | edit source]

The Desktop Composition Engine now enables Direct3D shaders on capable hardware. Since DCE now has working Direct3D shaders, the new borders are now shown, which weren't found in earlier builds containing a working DCE. Although by default the borders will be opaque, you can get transparent borders upon renaming plex.theme and plex.msstyles to aero.theme and aero.msstyles. Afterwards, you will need to log out and then in again. Once done, you can enable DCE with the sbctl start command, although it requires a compatible graphics driver. Another method to initialize DCE is to head to the System32 directory, and then run the rundll32.exe user32.dll DceStartup code.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The preview pane may not show the common task options.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • On some computers and virtualizers, this build can't be installed from CD boot as is. You must use the WinPE from a different build, or upgrade from a previous build.
  • On some computers, the hardware portion of setup will crash just after the second reboot and you will be instantly taken to the desktop.

Desktop Composition Engine[edit | edit source]

While this build's Desktop Composition Engine can show the Aero borders, it suffers from rendering glitches that fail to refresh a window's graphical content unless the window is resized.

Safe mode[edit | edit source]

Safe mode does not log you on due to the login process change in build 4032, as it will result in There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. This was later fixed in Windows Longhorn build 4042 (main).

Gallery[edit | edit source]