Windows Longhorn build 4032

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Timebomb2004-01-06 (+180 days)
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Windows Longhorn build 4032 is a Milestone 6 build of Windows Longhorn. A screenshot of the build was shared on the BetaArchive Discord server on 27 November 2018. On 3 December 2018, this build was uploaded to the BetaArchive FTP server, along with build 4020.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Setup overall is similar to previous builds of Longhorn.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • The login process is changed slightly now that it boots up faster than previous builds, though this breaks Safe Mode in the process.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Desktop Compositing Engine[edit | edit source]

While the Desktop Compositing Engine works in this build, the Desktop Compositing Engine does not enable Direct3D shaders due to a bug. Because the DCE window frames rely on these shaders to function, it is not possible to enable them at this time.

Sidebar[edit | edit source]

The Windows Media Player tile is unstable and will error out on both playing music and while adding the tile.

Installation[edit | edit source]

The installation media is not bootable due to missing bootcode. You can add a loader yourself. For this:

1. Open the install.wim file using any application that can modify ISOs.

2. Open the "0" folder.

3. Copy all files from there to the ISO distribution.

4. Save the new ISO.

Alongside, attempting to upgrade from an older build of Windows Longhorn results in a file copy error (except build 4031). This error does not occur when doing a clean install on top of an older build.

Safe Mode[edit | edit source]

Safe Mode does not log you on due to the login process change above, as it will result in There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. This was later fixed in Windows Longhorn build 4042 (main).

Gallery[edit | edit source]