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Component of Microsoft Windows
Typevisual style
Introduced inWindows XP Media Center Edition
Last included in
Replaced byWindows Basic, Windows Aero

Royale (also known as Energy Blue) is the default visual style in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It uses strong hues of green and blue in its theme interface, while it uses glossy elements that foreshadows Windows Aero. Its default wallpaper is Energy Bliss, an edited version of Bliss with a redone sky and the hill is heavily cropped. The Embedded theme is similar to the standard Royale.

Royale Noir[edit | edit source]

Royale Noir is a spinoff of this theme, featuring mainly black tones. This was leaked on the Microsoft site back in 2005. Due to being incomplete, some of the colors are too purple-ish compared to the greys of the bitmaps and the inactive title bars are a little too dark.

In 2006, oddbasket developed a finalized version of the theme known as Royale Remixed. It came with half of the fake Longhorn sound scheme (the startup sound came from Windows Vista's Speech Recognition tutorial) and a few of Windows Vista's icons. A common misconception is that Royale Noir and Royale Remixed are the same theme.

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