Microsoft Windows visual style
Royale in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Included inWindows XP
First seen inWindows XP Media Center Edition build 2600.2160

Royale is a family of visual styles created for Windows XP whose design maintains the overall proportions, look and feel of Luna, while also using glossy elements typical for Frutiger Aero designs. Variants of Royale have been included with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and Windows Embedded 2009, although the theme itself is compatible with all Windows XP editions. Some variants have also been made available for download from Microsoft's website, making it the only visual style that users could officially install without having to patch system components.

Variants[edit | edit source]

The original Royale theme (also known as Energy Blue) was introduced with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It is similar to blue Luna in color, although it's noticeably more vivid and glossy. The wallpaper used by default is Energy Bliss, an edited version of Bliss. The theme has also been offered for download by Microsoft New Zealand, although unlike the Media Center Edition variant the theme package includes a different wallpaper titled New Bliss.

Royale Noir[edit | edit source]

Royale Noir is a scrapped black variant of Royale, which was originally developed in tandem with the original variant. Prior to its leak online in October 2006, it has been featured in a Microsoft commercial airing in the United Kingdom.[1] Due to its incomplete nature, the theme has some imperfections such as some of the colors being a bit out of place and the inactive window title bar being too dark.

Zune[edit | edit source]

A modified version of Royale titled Zune was released and made available for download from Microsoft's website in November 2006, coinciding with the launch of the first Zune player. The package included the visual style itself as well as a wallpaper with Zune branding. The theme is similar to Royale Noir, although it is darker and notably features an orange Start button.

Embedded[edit | edit source]

Windows Embedded 2009 includes yet another variant of Royale named Embedded, featuring a mix of dark blue colors.

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