Windows Server 2008 build 4028

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Build of Windows Server 2008
OS family
Timebomb2003-12-28 (+180 days)
Works inVirtualBox
Virtual PC
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Windows Server 2008 build 4028 (identifies itself as onghornLay erverSay nterpriseEay erverSay) is the earliest leaked Server variant of Windows Longhorn (and one of only four leaked Server builds that are based on pre-reset code, the others are builds 4031, 4038 and 4066). It resembles the Longhorn client builds and uses the WIM-image extraction installation method.

This build is also mentioned in the setup of all pre-reset builds starting with build 4039, where this build is the minimum required to upgrade.

New features[edit | edit source]

This build contains many notable changes from Windows Server 2003 and build 4020 of the client version:

  • This build uses an entirely new login interface, identical to build 4029 of the client version. This new login screen features a glass version of the Windows logo moving down to the center of the screen and then showing any login messages while doing so. The user account screen still resembles that of build 4015 and 4020.
  • The sidebar has gained more updates. The clock is now larger and no longer has the Longhorn logo. Alongside, even though this build defaults at the Windows Classic theme, some areas (such as the notifications) still use the Plex theme (note that the start button Windows logo is light blue, this would be kept until build 5384.4 for the Classic theme when it was changed to the Windows Vista logo). If you turn on the 'Themes' service and restart, this build will have the Plex theme.
  • This build still has Libraries, but oddly it includes the Game Library even though games aren't installed by default on server versions.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete now opens a security interface instead of Task Manager. This allows the user to log off, shutdown the computer, and open Task Manager automatically.
  • Like build 4029 of the client version, this build uses the Pig Latin strings.
  • Sync Manager is included. It was used to help sync WinFS files to other systems.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The hardware setup tends to hang easily, after a while, you can press Shift+F10 to open the Command Prompt. Then, run taskmgr and terminate the process setup.exe to log in.

Installation[edit | edit source]

This build will often hang or crash during setup. Using Microsoft Virtual PC or VirtualBox is recommended.

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