Windows Server 2008 build 4031

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Build of Windows Server 2008
OS family
Timebomb2004-02-03 (+211 days)
Works inVirtualBox
Web Server

Windows Server 2008 build 4031 is a pre-reset build of Windows Server 2008. On 23 January 2020, this build was listed on a thread by UX.Unleaked blog founder Grabberslasher to be released to the BetaArchive FTP, and was later released in the ninth set of his 33 Longhorn/Vista builds on 1 February 2020, alongside the main lab compile of 4085, the x86 version of 4083, the main lab compile of this build, its Lab06_n counterpart and build 5520. Unlike build 4028, this build uses the older i386 installation method.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

You must format the disk outside of this build's setup, otherwise it will crash with the message Unknown Hard Error. This build also cannot be upgraded to by normal means; it must be clean installed. This build also often hangs or crashes on setup; VirtualBox is recommended to install this build.

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

To upgrade to this build from build 4028 you must edit dosnet.inf in the i386 folder and ensure that ProductType = 2. Then you must replace the following files and directories from Windows Server 2003 build 3790.

  • \I386\WINNTMIG
  • \I386\WINNTUPG
  • \I386\WINNT32.EXE
  • \I386\WINNT32.HLP
  • \I386\WINNT32.MSI

General[edit | edit source]

  • When attempting to launch certain programs, CPU usage will jump to 100% for a few minutes before crashing the program.
  • When a program crashes, you will not get the crash report until the next login.

Gallery[edit | edit source]