Windows Longhorn build 4002 (Lab06 N)

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6.0.4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108…
Build of Windows Longhorn
6.0.4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108-1926
OS family
Timebomb2004-01-06 (+363 days)
Works in
Longhorn4002lab06n winver.png

Windows "Longhorn" build 4002 (with a build tag of 4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108-1926) is one of the first Milestone 4 builds of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system. This build makes use of the Desktop Composition Engine seen in earlier Milestone 3 builds 3706 and 3718, which makes it one of the last builds to use full DCE in the M4 stage.

Unlike later Milestone 4 builds, build 4002 uses the old setup based routine instead of the newer one based on the WIM installation format. This is the first Milestone 4 build to use the new background unlike build 4001, which still uses the old M3 background.

This build hasn't leaked, but details were given by Grabberslasher at his UX.Unleaked blog. WinUnleaked also had images of the build.