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Windows 8 build 7792 is a build of Windows 8 referenced in the NVIDIA source code leak from 28 February 2022 in the file dev\gpu_drv\stage_rel\drivers\tegra\platform\drivers\network\wifi\athlib\host\hif\sdio\buildchk_win8_arm.log. This file is a compilation log for a Wi-Fi driver and references this build's DDK as an include directory.

readme.txt[edit | edit source]

BUILD: (TpSubmitQ:ALLOC) PASS:Pass1 NoSync TICK:0
1>Compiling c:\work\ar6002wifi\athlib\host\hif\sdio\windows\src *************
1>'nmake.exe /nologo BUILDMSG=Stop. -i /nologo /f c:\winddk\7792.0.0\bin\makefile.def BUILD_PASS=PASS1 NOLINK=1 NOPASS0=1 THREAD_ID=1 MAKEDIR_RELATIVE_TO_BASEDIR='