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PowerShell 7.3 running on Windows 8.1
Typecommand line shell
Operating systemWindows
Supported platformsx86, x64, arm32, arm64
Initial release version1.0
Initial release date2006-04-25
Latest release version7.4.1
Latest release date2024-01-11
Latest pre-release versionv7.5.0-preview.1
Latest pre-release date2024-01-18
Other names
LicenseProprietary (until 5.1)
MIT (since 6.0)
WebsiteOfficial product documentation

PowerShell (pwsh.exe, formerly powershell.exe) is an open-source command line interpreter first included with Windows 7, intended as a means to automate tasks and configure system functionality. It clones most of the syntax of its earlier interpreter, cmd.exe, but is extended through the use of a dedicated scripting language. Commands in PowerShell are referred to as "cmdlets" and their names consist of a verb-and-noun pair separated by a dash, e.g. Get-Command.

While versions 1.0 through 5.1 are closed-source, versions 6.0 and above are open-source, its code making use of the highly permissive MIT License. Starting with version 7.2, PowerShell utilizes Windows Update on Windows to update itself. This feature is optional and can be disabled.

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