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Windows 8 build 7957 is a build of Windows 8 that was referenced in the NVIDIA source code leak from 28 February 2022 in the file dev\gpu_drv\stage_rel\drivers\tegra\third_party\touch\atmel\AtmelTouch_7985_arm.exe. It is a self-extracting archive for an Atmel touch screen driver. Included with the driver is a readme that references the aforementioned build, alongside build 7969.

readme.txt[edit | edit source]

Usage instructions for Amtel 1386 Driver

Windows builds 7969 and higher (will NOT work on 7957)

1. Copy your c:\windows\system32\drivers\mshidkmdf.sys to the same directory as the driver/inf.
2. Modify the INF and replace all instances of TOUCH_ID with your Hardware ID.  For example, if your Hardware ID for touch is ACPI\VENDOR_TCH, replace all instances of TOUCH_ID with VENDOR_TCH
3. Ensure that GPIO and I2C drivers are loaded before installing the driver.
4. Work with Atmel and Microsoft to adjust the calibration values in the INF to match your hardware.