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Windows 7 build 6568 is a Milestone 2 build of Windows 7. Prior to it being uploaded to BetaArchive, dj_cityboy shared some screenshots of this build.[1] It was eventually uploaded to the aforementioned website by Grabberslasher on 28 January 2020 as an x64 Enterprise SKU VHD.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • There is now an option to show the desktop via a button on the right-hand side of the taskbar. A similar Show Desktop button also appeared on the taskbar in Windows 98 build 1415 and Windows 2000 build 1796.1 and when installing Internet Explorer 4 Platform Preview 1 with its shell enhancements on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
  • This build by default uses the boot screen from Windows Vista. The aurora one from build 6519 can be seen by enabling "No GUI Boot" in System Configuration.
  • It is the first build to have Windows Security Center to be replaced with Windows Health, which would later become Action Center in the RTM.
  • This build has a new gadgets dropdown menu and the sidebar has been changed.
  • The "Feedback Button" desktop shortcut has been removed. It reappeared as a Control Panel applet named "Send feedback" with a new icon in build 6780.
  • The Aero theme has had some changes. The cyan line in the bottom and right borders was recolored to white. The title bar buttons are also slightly larger than the ones of the Aero theme in the previous build.

Superbar[edit | edit source]

To enable the Superbar, open the Registry editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced, create a DWORD value called EnableCHS, and set its value to 1.

Bluepill[edit | edit source]

  • Paint and Calculator have both received updates. Paint includes multiple new brushes and shapes to add, and the Calculator now has a unit converter, alongside calculator modes for programmer, scientific, and statistics. Aero Peek is now available as well.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Out-of-box experience[edit | edit source]

The OOBE does not utilize the Windows Basic theme, instead using a fallback one based on Windows Classic and Arial. For some reason, the copyright year on the first page of the OOBE (Where you select your country/region, time/currency and keyboard layout settings.) is 2006 instead of 2007. This was most likely a typo or a leftover from older Windows Vista builds.

DWM[edit | edit source]

Desktop Window Manager requires either compatible hardware or VMware Workstation 9.x or older to work (just 9.x or older compatibility won't work).

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