Hi! I'm NekoSam395, a File: Parameter Buster from Indonesia.

Build of NekoSam395
Current PFP (very cringe)
OS familyHomo sapiens felinicus [!]
Compiled2021-09-03 (Current major update - 16th major update)
Works in
Brown Cat

My devices[edit | edit source]

Type Name CPU RAM Storage OS
Laptop Asus Vivobook X409UJ/A409UJ[note 1] Intel Kaby Lake i3-7020U 4GB 500GB Windows 11 Beta Build 22581.100 Home Single Language[note 2]

Samsung Galaxy A21s

Exynos 850 3GB 32GB (+16 GB MicroSD Card) Android 11[note 3]

List of builds[edit | edit source]

Builds in my VMware Server 2008 R2 6801
Builds in my VirtualBox
My favorite build NT4 1381.3 Checked Debug Build
My favorite fake build NT5 Beta 1386.1 U N I C O D E D E B U G

Contact me[edit | edit source]

You can find me on BetaWiki Discord with username NekoSam395#6017.

Fun Fact[edit | edit source]

  • You can using either Crtl+Y or Crtl+Shift+Z to redo your undoed work.
  • I was born at September 3rd, 2005, when the post-reset Longhorn/Vista was still in development progress.
  • There's still a 'Windows 9' reference, firstly found in Windows 10 build 9860, and still exists until now (Nickel builds)

My current projects[edit | edit source]

Kelly-chan theme for Windows XP, a cute visual theme that based on Luna

Gallery of My Pictures[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. My lovely two years-old daily potato notebook
  2. Initial version: Windows 10 version 1903
  3. Initial version: Android 10, upgradable until Android 12