Some Italian guy who joined BetaWiki on May 5, 2020.

I'm interested in Windows Neptune, XP, Vista (especially pre-reset) and 7 builds. I especially like builds with unique features/visual styles or particularly good stability for betas.

Operating systems I have installed[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 6.22

Windows 3.1

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows NT 4.0

Every WinNT version starting from 2000 (on real hardware)

My Windows opinions and favourite builds (based on experience)[edit | edit source]

Spoiler: basically everything's great except 8

Windows 95[edit | edit source]

I never used Windows 3.1 or 95 as main operating systems, but I can still feel the incredible difference between Windows 3.1's shell and Windows 95's explorer, taskbar and desktop. A good OS with a great new interface, that would later be refined with Windows 98.

Favorite build


Windows 98[edit | edit source]

The Windows 95 explorer shell, at least in my opinion, feels "incomplete" after using the new one included in Windows 98: it has many useful new features that we still use today! The rest of the interface improvements, including the minor ones, are also appreciated. I think it is a good OS overall.

Favorite build


Windows XP[edit | edit source]

My first OS and one of my favourite releases, still installed today on some computers I have (obviously not hooked up to the Internet). XP also introduced a lot of stuff that defines Windows today, while also maintaining great levels of stability and a legendary set of programs and media resources.

Favorite builds



Windows Vista (pre-reset)[edit | edit source]

From one who's tested a lot of builds available online, Longhorn is not very stable and has a messy codebase, but can be set up to work with the right devices/drivers. The private Glass theme is still the best incarnation of the Aero interface in my opinion, and the explorer shell has a pretty clean design in a lot of areas. Some things I don't like are the fact the Taskbar switches to a different one when the Sidebar is activated and the inconsistencies in some windows' design. It was pre-release software though, so it could have been fixed in later builds if it wasn't reset.

Favorite builds



Windows Vista (post-reset)[edit | edit source]

Even though it didn't include everything Longhorn had, Vista (with SP2) is still my favorite (real) OS today. The then-new interface looked beautiful, and the useless features tied to it, such as Flip3D, were really good-looking and functioning too. It also introduced security improvements with the UAC (User Account Control) prompt which, if annoying on its first introduction, was improved a lot and is still included in Windows, together with many other aspects and features introduced in this version.

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Windows 7[edit | edit source]

Just excellent. It mixed the convenience and reliability of XP with the gorgeous Aero interface from Vista while adding new features, such as Aero Peek, Aero Shake or Aero Snap. The Superbar is a nice addition to convenience, with its extended thumbnail functionality and a new form of "Quick Access". This was generally the first release of Windows to prioritize functionality over looks, but it (luckily) didn't provide a drastic UI change like Windows 8.

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Windows 8[edit | edit source]

No... just... no. Perhaps I don't like Windows without windows and the destruction of any possible form or customization, but that may be me. At least 8.1 is an improvement.

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Windows 10[edit | edit source]

A notable improvement over Windows 8/8.1, and a reliable system overall. The interface is clean on most applications, the new additions are nice and the concept of "Windows as a service" is, at least in my opinion, better than getting a new version from time to time. Now, I would have liked it even more if it was actually helping the interface, since a lot of things feel unfinished: the OS is out since 2015 and Microsoft still hasn't migrated all Control Panel options to the Settings app, not to mention I can count at least 8 different title/menu bar styles all across the OS, and that's just counting the modern apps. Last thing, telemetry go brrrrrr

Favorite builds

9879.0.fbl_release.141103-1722 (might as well be called Windows 9 imo)


LO SO che il reset di Longhorn non è stato causato da 4093™