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Build of Windows 7
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Timebomb2008-10-12 (+154 days)
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Windows 7 build 6608 is a Milestone 2 build of Windows 7. This build was leaked to BetaArchive on 2010-06-16.[1]

New features[edit | edit source]

  • Some Control Panel items have been changed since build 6519.
  • Nearly all mentions of Windows Vista has been changed to Windows 7.

Bluepill enhancements[edit | edit source]

With Bluepill enabled, this build includes multiple new additions that would make it to the RTM. Among one these is Aero Peek, which shows the location of applications in the background when hovering over the Show Desktop button. Another feature is an updated Superbar, which includes the new jump list menu options, although it is obtained in this build by pressing the arrow next to the application icon. The Superbar also no longer shows the application's name and only displays just the icon.

Paint and Calculator has both received updates. Paint includes multiple new brushes and shapes to add, and the Calculator now has a unit converter, alongside calculator modes for programmer, scientific, and statistics.

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