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Build of Windows Longhorn
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Timebomb2004-02-15 (+361 days)
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Windows "Longhorn" build 4008, with a build tag of 4008.main.030219-1933 is a Milestone 4 "Longhorn" build leaked on 2003-02-28. This build was a major update from build 3718 and build 4001, including an updated .WIM installation.

New features[edit]

  • The setup has been updated, making the setup less basic than in build 4001. It can also partition a drive correctly.
  • Parental Controls is included, which can be used to limit the hours that can be used on the computer and monitor the use of internet programs.
  • A new desktop background has been used, resembling the Milestone 5 wallpaper but with the Longhorn logo instead of the Windows logo.
  • This build also had many updates made in the folder windows. For example, the My Documents details background color has changed from blue to tan.
  • This build also had (with exception to the Help and Support Center) nearly all references, and virtually all major references to Windows XP removed by this point, most notably the logo shown within the About Windows dialog box, which was replaced by the actual Longhorn logo, showing the copyright date, 2006 (this shows that obviously, Microsoft was planning quite far ahead for Longhorn even at this point). The boot screen was still the same from Windows XP, but that was also going to be removed eventually.

Bugs and quirks[edit]

  • Unpartitioned drives cannot be selected for installation in the setup. To setup from a hard drive without any partitions, select the disk that Windows will be installed on.
  • The Desktop Composition Engine is heavily broken in this build, so the animations and window transparency cannot be enabled.
  • On older CPUs, the OOBE can error out upon loading. To get past this, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to load Task Manager and kill the process msoobe.exe.

Hidden Sidebar tiles[edit]

A few Sidebar tiles are disabled by default in this build. These are:

A registry patch was made available by AlphaAddict that enabled the aforementioned tiles in 2006, but the download link no longer works. There is no known other way to make them visible.

  • Messenger Status Tile - This tile only works if you are using Windows Messenger. You cannot use MSN Messenger with this tile. Also, this tile does not work with Windows Messenger 4.0, you will need 4.6 or 4.7 for it to function correctly. In order to activate this tile, do the following:
    • Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartBar\Modules\]
    • Create a new KEY called {62F329E0-B71B-4DDA-8323-628AC066531D}
    • In the new Key Create the following STRING Values and set the values to what is to the right of the equals sign.
      • AssemblyName = Microsoft.Windows.PPLRTC1
      • Friendly Name = Messenger Status
      • Type = MS.Internal.Communications.Controls.MeTile


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