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PCem running Windows Me
Developer(s)Sarah Walker
Host platformWindows (x86)
Guest platformx86 (8086 - Celeron)
Latest versionv17
Released on2020-12-01

PCem is an x86 personal computer emulator written by Sarah Walker.

A dynamic recompiler is available, optional for 486 and WinChip and mandatory for Pentium processors, providing accurate performance for those processors. Support for ACPI BIOS has been added on v15.

Supported guest operating systems[edit | edit source]

Emulated hardware[edit | edit source]

  • CPU: Any CPU from an 8086/8088 to a Celeron.
  • Graphics card: MDA, CGA, EGA, Hercules, IBM VGA, as well as a couple Trident cards, Tseng ET4000AX, Tseng ET4000/W32p, S3 Trio64, 3dfx Voodoo, S3 ViRGE, Cirrus Logic GD5429.
  • Sound card: PCjr, Tandy, Adlib, Adlib Gold, Sound Blaster (1.x, 2, Pro, 16, AWE32), Gravis Ultrasound, Windows Sound System, Innovation SSI-2001, Game Blaster.

Gallery[edit | edit source]