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Build of Windows XP
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Timebomb2000-09-11 (+32 days)
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Windows XP build 2257 is a build of Windows XP. This build was released in late 2000-08 as a 'final preview' before Beta 1, which was due in October at that time. This build was released in Personal and Professional SKUs, just like build 2250.

If you start setup from MS-DOS, using I386\WINNT.EXE, the setup will refer to itself as "Windows Whistler Server" in the top left, even though this is the client build of 2257.

Changes from the previous build[edit | edit source]

The Professional theme has been given a makeover. In later builds (before 2428, when Luna was introduced) the theme looks exactly the same. The theme was renamed "Watercolor" in build 2410.

Along with the Professional theme, the Start Panel (now called the Start Menu) has been given a makeover, and it is now enabled by default in the Personal SKU. The Professional SKU does not have it enabled by default, but it can now be enabled or disabled in the Taskbar and Start Menu properties.

ClearType is introduced in this build, and can now be enabled or disabled in the Desktop Properties.

A new boot screen is introduced in this build. However, the only changes from the Windows 2000 boot screen are the "Microsoft Codename Whistler" name replacing "Windows 2000 Professional" and the removal of the "Built on NT Technology" tag.

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References[edit | edit source]

Paul Thurrott's review of this build: [1]