Windows 10 build 10031

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Build of Windows 10
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2015-10-01 (+214 days)
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Windows 10 build 10031 is a partner build of Windows 10, which was leaked on BetaArchive on 2017-03-25. This build continues the process of UI and UX refinement that was a major focus in the development of Windows 10 at the time. Project Spartan is not included in this build by default, as with all builds from the fbl_impressive lab before 10049, despite Microsoft's promise at MWC 2015 that it would be included in the next public build. It can only be assumed that Spartan was still undergoing final testing and evaluation before being incorporated into fbl_impressive builds, ready for release.

New features[edit | edit source]

The new lock screen available in builds 9860 to 10014 by editing a registry key, and enabled by default in 10022, has been enhanced in build 10031.

The only other major feature is a change that is most obvious in lower-end tablets. In this build, the gesture detection area has been increased to better suit both high and low-end tablet devices.

Other than this and the UX changes detailed in the next section, the changes known in this particular build are mainly under-the-hood improvements to stability and performance.

UI Enhancements[edit | edit source]

Minor and major UI refinements continued to be made in these builds of Windows 10, to provide a more cohesive experience. The Start button in this build has been reduced in size for reasons unknown to people at this point. Windows 8.1 Metro-style menus continue to assimilate those of the older variety. Transparency has been added to the Start menu and Start screen for the first time in a build from a branch destined for release to Windows Insiders. The iconography in Windows 10 continues to be refined in this release, replacing many of the outdated Windows Vista/7/8 icons. The much-maligned new Recycle Bin icon first seen in build 10009 is still in place, although it has to be noted that the UI in Windows 10 was not final at this point, and said icon was replaced a month later anyway (build 10056).

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