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This infobox provides essential information on versions of Windows.


Windows Server 2003
Version of Microsoft Windows
WinSRV2003Enterprise RTM Desktop.png
OS familyWindows NT
CodenameWhistler Server
Preliminary nameWindows .NET Server 2003
Architecturex86, x64, ia64
Latest build5.2.3790
Release date2003-04-24
Support end2015-07-14
Web Server
Standard Server
Datacenter Server
Enterprise Server
Windows 2000 Server
Replaced by
Windows Server 2008

The following code will result in the infobox to the right side:

{{ Infobox Windows version
 | image = WinSRV2003Enterprise RTM Desktop.png
 | image-caption = Desktop
 | name = Windows Server 2003
 | family = nt
 | version = 5.2
 | codename = Whistler Server
 | preliminary = Windows .NET Server 2003
 | arch = x86, x64, ia64
 | latestbuild = [[Windows Server 2003 build 3790|5.2.3790]]
 | releasedate=2003-04-24
 | support=2015-07-14
 | sku = Web Server<br>Standard Server<br>Datacenter Server<br>Enterprise Server
 | replaces = [[Windows 2000|Windows 2000 Server]]
 | replaced-by = [[Windows Server 2008]]


The marketing name for the particular Windows release. If not provided, it gets automatically filled in according to family and version values, therefore name should be omitted for pre-1995 Windows versions.


This describes the product line the particular Windows release belongs to. This parameter has the following legal values, which expand to the respective descriptions:


This is the version number of the particular Windows release. For families 16, 9x, nt this should be a rational number with up to two decimal points. Don't prefix the version number with anything.

Since Windows 10 November Update (family 10) this is a four-digit number that happens to be a date in the format YYMM. Please note that the marketing name might not always reflect the version number, e.g. Windows 10 April 2018 Update is actually version 1803 and not 1804 as one would expect!

codename, preliminary

Codenames and preliminary names for the particular Windows release, if any. Please distinguish between a codename, which is only an internal term used to refer to the product (i.e. Whistler Server) and a preliminary name, which is an official name that has been abandoned before the final release (i.e. Windows .NET Server 2003).


A listing of architectures supported by the particular Windows release. Tends to be one or more of the following:

  • x86
  • x64
  • AXP
  • PPC
  • IA64
  • ARM
  • ARM64


Link to the latest build of the particular Windows release.


The original release date of the particular Windows release, e.g. 1985-11-20 for Windows 1.0.


The end of support date for the particular Windows release.


List of the SKUs/editions that the particular Windows release was officially available in, separated by <br> tags.

based-on, replaces, replaced-by

Use this to link to the versions of Windows that the particular release is based on, replaces or is replaced by. If this applies only to a specific SKU of that version, the link should mention the SKU in question, e.g. Windows 2000 Professional.

based-on should be used in cases the particular Windows release builds upon another version to provide some specific functionality, e.g. Windows Home Server is based on Windows Small Business Server 2003, which in turn is based on Windows Server 2003.