Windows 8 build 8509

Build of Windows 8
OS family
Architecturex86, ARM32
Timebomb2013-01-15 (+191 days)
Works in
RT (CoreARM)

Windows 8 build 8509 is a pre-RTM build of Windows 8, which was released to Microsoft partners participating in the Ecosystem Engineering Access Program (EEAP), as indicated by the fbl_eeap branch. It was first shown running on a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 reviewed by tech review website Booredatwork.[1] The ARM32 compile of this build in Hebrew language was later uploaded to the Internet Archive on 20 February 2023.[2]

This build includes Microsoft Office 2013 build 4128.1015 (HomeStudentPre edition) preinstalled, with setup files residing in the \MSOCache directory. It is the last available build of Windows 8 to feature the Windows wordmark on the boot screen, as the next set of builds would change it to instead use the final RTM design, which simply features the 2012 Windows logo.

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Watermark[edit | edit source]

In the Hebrew version, the Microsoft Confidential watermark is in English.

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ARM32 architecture, Hebrew[edit | edit source]

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x86 architecture, Pro SKU, English (unleaked)[edit | edit source]

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