Windows 8 build 8002 (fbl_dnt3_wireless)

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Timebomb2012-03-15 (+309 days)
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Windows 8 build 8002 (fbl_dnt3_wireless) is a Milestone 3 build of Windows 8, which was shared on the BetaWiki Discord server on 3 January 2021 only in the x86 architecture.

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key
Starter 7Q28W-FT9PC-CMMYT-WHMY2-89M6G
Home Premium RHPQ2-RMFJH-74XYM-BH4JX-XM76F
Professional HYF8J-CVRMY-CM74G-RPHKF-PW487
Prerelease (edition upgrade only) VKKC6-NQQQH-JW3QX-XRVKX-KJJK9

Setup[edit | edit source]

The setup interface is mostly similar to previous releases of Windows 8. However, there is a white box behind the computer name text, which now reveals the text being inputted. The color slider has been updated slightly as well, albeit it's still hidden.

New features[edit | edit source]

Power applet[edit | edit source]

The charms bar's power applet is now functional, allowing to shutdown or restart the computer.

System repairing utilities[edit | edit source]

BootIM has been introduced in this build, which has been made to replace the old WinRE found in Windows 7, mostly consisting of checking the system for any issues or being used as a boot menu. It was made for either dualbooting or system repair, however it is not finished in this build. There are two ways of running BootIM, assuming that you have redpilled the operating system:

F8 on boot[edit | edit source]

Before doing this, you will have to launch command prompt with elevated perms. Once doing so, paste in the following text: bcdedit /set {default} custom:250000c2 1. Once done, reboot your system and instantly press F8 before the boot screen shows up. Once done, hit "Repair your computer". This should take you to the new WinRE, however the resolution will be set to 800x600, which isn't suitable due to the fact that the new WinRE requires a lot of space.

Simply typing BootIM in the Run utility[edit | edit source]

Basically what the sub-title suggests. Press Win+R (or open up the Run program from the start menu/screen), type bootim, and launch the application.

Reset utility[edit | edit source]

The reset utility has been entirely revamped and now uses the Metro design. As with previous builds, it requires the Windows 8 installation media. It also gives information with what will be kept and what will not be kept, rather than supplying options for what you want to keep.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • To install or run this build in VMware Workstation, you must set the hardware compatibility to versions 8.x or 9.x; otherwise, a partially garbled system crash message will appear upon boot.
  • The boot screen has rendering issues when starting setup, showing both the loading files and boot screen at once.
  • Windows Explorer is relatively unstable and is prone to crashing.
  • If running certain immersive applications on the desktop, a transitioning animation will play for whatever reason, albeit it won't actually transition between applications.

Start screen[edit | edit source]

  • Similar to builds 7989 and 7997, you have the option to uninstall the desktop from the Start screen.
  • Just like the latter build, the Desktop is referred to as Desktop.lnk on the Start screen.
  • The Start screen may appear to be empty at first. Logging out and logging back in should fix the issue.
  • The tiles on the start screen tend to flash upon interaction and may not launch properly upon clicking.

Gallery[edit | edit source]