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Windows 2000 build 1835 is a beta 2 build of Windows 2000, which was originally found on 23 June 2015.[1] BetaArchive user ReflectiaX uploaded the full disc on 3 December 2018 to the aforementioned site's FTP server.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • It is one of the first builds to change the system crash screen background color to the shade of blue that is seen in later versions of Windows, although with a darker text color.
  • The desktop shortcut to the Internet Explorer is now labeled as "Internet Explorer" instead of "Internet".
  • This build is the last to include the sounds used in Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5x, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0. The login and logout sounds however were not changed.
  • This build no longer has the text-mode boot screen and safe to shutdown screen upon adding /noguiboot to the kernel command in boot.ini and restarting the system.
  • This build identifies itself as RC 0.2 in System Properties and winver.
  • This build's system crash now clears the screen out during startup rather than being displayed on the boot screen.

Control Panel[edit | edit source]

  • The "Data Links" and "Multimedia" applets have been removed, while there is a new shortcut to the "Folder Options" applet.
  • The "Sounds" and "System" (SYSDM.CPL) applets received new icons.
  • The "Regional Settings" applet has been renamed to "Regional Options".
  • The Add/Remove Programs wizard (listed in Control Panel as "v2") has been removed, while there are more changes to the original applet (APPWIZ.CPL) to look more like in the the official Beta 2:
    • The bitmap on the top of the sidebar has been removed.
    • The font has been shrunken from 9 to 8px to consist with the rest of the user interface, which also uses a font size of 8px
    • The description on the "Change or Remove Programs" page has been recolored from grey to black.
    • The "Windows NT Optional Components" option in the programs list has been removed in favor of using the "Configure Windows" page instead.
    • It no longer shows the size and installation date, but these will reappear when selecting a program from the list.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Task Manager allows the user to terminate critical system processes.

Hibernation[edit | edit source]

The progress bar shown when the system is hibernating doesn't fill up the entire bar. Instead, a text-mode message will appear in the top left corner stating State saved, power off the system.

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