Windows/386 2.01

Build of Windows 2.x
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number2.01
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1987-09-07
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Windows/386 2.01 is an early release of Windows 2.x for Compaq i386-based computers. It predates the earliest known retail release of Windows 2.0 by about three months, as this release was rushed likely to coincide with the launch of the Compaq Portable 386 in October 1987.

This is the first release of the Windows/386 series, which uses the virtual 8086 mode of the i386 to provide better compatibility for MS-DOS applications. Compaq was heavily involved in the development of Windows/386, having introduced the first i386-based IBM PC compatible machine in 1986, almost a year before IBM itself.

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Read Me[edit | edit source]

Having Windows/386 on the same hard disk as Windows 2.0 or Windows 1.04:
Windows/386 and earlier versions of Windows have many filenames in
common.  Unless you are very careful setting up your path, it is
possible to have Windows/386 using files from your earlier copies of
Windows.  This can cause a variety of problems.  It is suggested that
you delete any other copies of Windows from your machine before
installing Windows/386.

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VGA 640x450 support[edit | edit source]

Deciding which VGA driver to use with Windows/386:
When you are running the Windows/386 setup program, you are given
two choices if you have a VGA or compatible display adapter.  The
first choice, "VGA, 640x480", will run Windows itself in 640 by
480 mode.  The second choice, "VGA, 640x450", will run Windows in
640 by 450 mode.  If you run Windows in 640 by 480 mode you will
not be able to run EGA graphics applications in windowed or background
modes.  If you run Windows in 640 by 450 mode you will be able to run EGA
graphics applications in windowed and background modes.  For most users we
recommend they select the 640 by 450 mode since the loss of 30 lines in 
the horizontal is not very noticeable.

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