Component of Microsoft Windows
Cardfile icon.png
Cardfile in Windows 3.1
Introduced inWindows 1.0
Last included inWindows NT 3.51

Cardfile is an application of Microsoft Windows for creating index cards (stored in the .CRD file format).

History[edit | edit source]

Cardfile was first introduced in the Windows 1.0 Beta Release and initially released in the Windows 1.01 retail release.

Up until Windows 2.x, the file extension where cards are saved was depending on the system locale. Since Windows 3.0, all locales use the .CRD file extension from the English locale.

Windows NT 3.51 is the last version to have Cardfile. The app is no longer present in clean installations as of Windows 95. It will remain however, when upgrading from an earlier Windows version.

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