Component of Microsoft Windows
Reversi in Windows 3.0
Introduced inWindows 1.0
Last included inWindows 3.0
Internet Reversi
Component of Microsoft Windows
Introduced inWindows Me
Last included inWindows XP

Reversi is a game in Microsoft Windows. The standard version was introduced in Windows 1.0 and was included up to Windows 3.0,[a] although an updated version was also included with the Windows 3.1 Driver Library.

A 32-bit port of the Windows 3.0 version was also included in early builds of Windows NT 3.1 (and the 16-bit version of Reversi was used as an early test for the WoW subsystem on MIPS in the April 1991 build, which even includes the a REVERSI.HOT file which is an game save). The port was later removed in the lead up to the RTM, although it was still present in the source code repository until Windows Server 2003 and even included in internal IDW tools as far as at least Windows 2000, and was distributed in certain versions of the Win32 SDK. Reversi has a bug where it will show in monochrome when a color depth above 256 colors is used. Patching the signed greater-then check of GetDeviceCaps(hDC, NUMCOLORS) > 2 to an unsigned greater-than check (a one-byte patch for the version included with Windows 2000 build 2020) is enough to fix this issue (the function is documented to return -1 in such cases).

An Internet version was later available with Windows Me and Windows XP, which supported online multiplayer games. The server for this version, as well as other Internet-based games included in these versions, was shut down on 31 July 2019.[1]

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  1. The last known build to include Reversi is Windows 3.1 build 034f.

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