Internet Explorer 5

Internet Explorer 5.0
Version of Internet Explorer
Release date1999-03-18
Support end

Internet Explorer 5 was released in 1999 and was included with Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows 2000. It was also available for Windows 3.1x, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 and Windows 98. Users of Windows NT 3.51 must use the 16-bit version, which was the last 16-bit version of Internet Explorer and thus also the last one to work on Windows 3.1.

A version of IE 5 was ported to Solaris and HP-UX through the use of MainWin's xDe environment and uses the Trident engine. IE for Mac OS uses a different engine called Tasman which is also used in Office:mac, Entourage, and MSN for Mac OS X.

An updated version 5.01 has been released in the end of 1999 and is pre-installed in Windows 2000. However, it still identifies itself as 5.00. The difference with 5.00 is the image used in the About box.

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