Internet Explorer 5.5

Internet Explorer 5.5
Version of Internet Explorer
IE 4 logo.png
Compatible withWindows 95
Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or later
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows Me
Release date2000-06-19
Support end
Internet Explorer 5
Replaced by
Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 5.5 is a minor update to the fifth version of Internet Explorer that was released in June 2000. Support for the 16-bit Windows 3.1x and the 32-bit Windows NT 3.51 were dropped in this release. The 32-bit version was made available for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and higher. Some minor updates are also added, including increasing the Cipher strength to 128-bit on Windows 9x. This is the last version of Internet Explorer that officially supports Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 versions prior to Service Pack 6a, but after Service Pack 2; the succeeding versions required Windows NT 4.0 SP6a and Windows 98 or newer.

A near-final, pre-release version of IE 5.5 is included in the RTM release of Windows Me.[1]

System requirements[edit | edit source]

These system requirements are derived from the Readme document of Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2.

  • 486DX/66 MHz processor (Pentium processor recommended)
  • RAM:
    • 16 MB for Windows 95, 98 and 98 SE
    • 32 MB for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows Me
    • 64 MB for Windows 2000
  • Required hard disk space:
Minimal installation
(browser only)
Typical installation Full installation
Required to install 45 MB 70 MB 111 MB
Required to run
(after restart)
27 MB 55 MB 80 MB
  • Mouse
  • Modem or Internet connection
  • CD-ROM drive (if installation is done from a CD-ROM)

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

Included in Windows Me pre-release builds[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Pre-release build 4134.0100 is included in the RTM build of Windows Me.

RTM/Updates[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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