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Windows Vista build 5355 (vbl_media) is an eHome OEM build of Windows Vista, which was shared by BetaArchive user marcoguy on 19 December 2016.[1]

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key
Starter 6GHT4-62PKK-H3274-4YHC4-7FGPY
Home Basic N 6J8RT-947JQ-XDGV4-4FCTV-QRRXV
Home Premium 7KKWR-978CY-8GMWD-X2RF9-PJ6BB
Business YVT36-YVCP2-J97GQ-7T22R-RWV8P
Business N 7K8QY-WRC42-QCRDJ-QK968-XFJCJ
Ultimate 7YJ76-6WJF4-D3PH9-P2Q6W-Y9Q38

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Aero has been updated.
  • This build uses the final banners in winver.
  • Remote Desktop Connection now uses the RTM app banner.
  • Windows Defender copyright date has been updated to 2006.
  • Windows Explorer's preview pane background is now colored as a gradient formed by different shades of blue, just like seen in RTM.
  • Minor icon updates to Windows Photo Gallery.
  • The back and forward buttons have been updated to look like in the final build, unless the user has set the Windows Classic theme, where the prelimary buttons even persisted in Windows 7.

Windows Media Player 11[edit | edit source]

Windows Media Player 11 received minor icon updates around the app's interface and the first run wizard received minor changes.

Control Panel[edit | edit source]

  • Date and Time, Welcome Center and Sidebar applets in Control Panel has received new icons.
  • System applet now resembles the RTM style.
  • The sidebar banner now has an aurora rather than a Windows logo.
  • Category View sublink color is now blue rather than black.
  • Backup and Restore received a minor overhaul.
  • Welcome Center's "Get Started with Windows" section now has new and updated links.

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Installation[edit | edit source]

Partition and format the drive before starting setup, as there is a chance for setup to BSOD while formatting. When you reach the OOBE, it might hang, so press Shift+F10 to open Command Prompt, run taskmgr, and then kill the process msoobe.exe.

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