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Windows Vista build 5252 is an unleaked pre-Beta 2 build of Windows Vista. This build was showcased in a blog from Chinese IT consumption portal Yesky.[1] It is the last known build to feature the older Aero design from build 5231.

Changes[edit | edit source]

This build notably features the Start orb with the colored Windows flag previously seen in build 5212 (vbl_ux_dev_checkin), but with a lighter shade of blue. This build also features the new start menu that was first seen in build 5221 (vbl_ux_dev_checkin_gamesux). The background used during installation has been changed to the aurora found in the RTM build. The older setup layout from build 5112 is still retained in this build.

A new desktop wallpaper has been introduced, which replaces the wallpaper first seen in 5054. The Windows Explorer banner background has changed from the static blue seen in builds 5098 to 5231 to a green gradient.

This build also marks the first appearance of both Windows AntiSpyware (later renamed to Windows Defender) and Windows Mail, the successor to Outlook Express.

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