Windows Longhorn build 3706

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Build of Windows Longhorn
OS family
Timebomb2003-10-25 (+361 days)
Works in
Media Center Edition
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Windows Longhorn build 3706 is a Milestone 3 build of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system.

New features[edit | edit source]

  • The default wallpaper has been changed to an aurora image with the Longhorn logo.
  • The Plex theme has been slightly updated to be darker in color.
  • There is now a Download Manager in the Control Panel. However, it doesn't work and opening it only results in the Explorer window hanging.
  • The Desktop Composition Engine has been updated and now has animations for windows that are closed or minimized. It can also be enabled in the Display Properties.
  • The Explorer details is enhanced in that the icons are now enlarged and animated by slowly rotating back and forth.
  • Start Page Launcher has been updated and is now more complete.
  • The Sidebar can still be enabled, but doing so will always attach the Start Button with it and remove the Taskbar.

MyTVApp[edit | edit source]

This build includes a new application called MyTVapp, which opens in an Avalon container in Internet Explorer. It was intended for recording and watching TV from the operating system. It can be run by running mytvapp.exe in SYSTEM32. It is largely incomplete however, as there are placeholder images in "My TV & movies", "Recorded Shows", and "What's On", while "Guide" leads to a page error and "Search" has no effect when clicked. Interestingly, when attempting to open the MyTVApp, an Avalon Trust Manager opens, warning the user that the application came from an Unknown Publisher and it might be harmful to run.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Sidebar crash[edit | edit source]

Attempting to edit or add certain features on the Windows Sidebar like Slide Show can cause explorer.exe to enter a crash loop. The only way to fix this loop is to remove the conflicting tile from the Sidebar via the Registry.

Gallery[edit | edit source]