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Windows 98 SE build 2184.1 is a Simplified Chinese build of Windows 98 Second Edition. This build was compiled after the RTM.

This build is mentioned in various posts on the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), e.g a topic about the expiration of this build, written on 22 January 2002[1]. And also a topic on another forum about the version of Windows 98 in the Chinese market, written 23 March 2002[2]. This means that the build was leaked online in 2002, but was then lost.

A BetaWorld member by the name of 特别感谢Lin (Lin) posted a few screenshots of this build. It was supposedly leaked to the aforementioned site on 14 September 2019[3], but at the moment this cannot be confirmed or refuted as it's not publicly available. A BetaArchive user by the name of Winins found a boot floppy disk for this build after it was posted on a BetaWiki talk page.[4] [5] As of 2021, the full build hasn't been leaked to the public yet.

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