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Build of Windows 95
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Beta ID: 140743
Password: d8f20fe0a

Windows 95 build 89e is a Milestone 6 build of Windows 95. It was leaked on 2020-05-05. Although very similar to the next leaked build (build 90c), there are some minor visual differences between them. This is also the earliest leaked build to include the redesigned Microsoft Paint program, though it's still called "Paint Brush" in the About dialog.

Changes since build 81[edit | edit source]

  • Taskbar is positioned at the top of the screen by default.
  • Double-clicking on the clock in the taskbar brings up Date & Time settings.
  • Double-clicking on the desktop no longer brings up the task manager.
  • New My Computer icon, which is no longer just a shortcut to CAB32.EXE.
  • Control Panel and Printers icons were added to My Computer.
  • Recycle Bin and Network icons are not present on the desktop.
  • Paintbrush has been replaced with an early version of Paint.
  • Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL now brings up a task list, instead of the earlier reboot dialog.
  • It is no longer possible to use the taskbar as a folder.
  • Various other minor UI improvements.
  • Floppy drivers have been fixed.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

SUWIN.EXE problem[edit | edit source]

The original warez leak had a corrupted SUWIN.EXE that caused a general protection fault (GPF) after the user confirmed the user information, and setup would crash back to the DOS prompt. A working copy of the file was included separately, which must be used in order to install this build.

Hardware problems[edit | edit source]

Like earlier builds, this build has no native support for ATAPI CD-ROM drives - you must either use MSCDEX for ATAPI, or a SCSI adapter and CD-ROM drive instead, which will be detected and installed automatically.

Certain display adapters and driver combinations may glitch out or not work at all.

Multimedia control panel[edit | edit source]

If a sound card, such as a SoundBlaster or Windows Sound System, is installed, opening the Multimedia control panel may cause CAB32.EXE to crash. Recovery is possible, as the shell can be restarted and continues to operate normally after.

Desktop wallpaper[edit | edit source]

The default desktop wallpaper is WORK.BMP, but it's not actually displayed properly, only the background color is. If you change any wallpaper settings, the wallpaper will be displayed, but the Center option does not work and instead produces the same result as Tiled.

Gallery[edit | edit source]