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Build of Windows 95
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Beta ID: 620804
Password: fe8114035
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Windows 95 build 73g is a Milestone 5 build of Windows 95. This build is the second Chicago Preliminary Development Kit (PDK2) release. Unlike its predecessor, build 73f, this build was distributed to external testers and developers.

The taskbar has been redesigned and can now display open windows, though minimized window tiles from earlier builds are still present. The old tray functionality can be reenabled in "Tray properties". The Cabinet shell is now 32-bit (as stated by the new filename, CAB32.EXE). Setup has seen some changes and now resembles the final Windows 95 setup more closely. Tracker is no longer included.

Differences from build 73f[edit | edit source]

Build 73f is an earlier recompile of build 73. The differences in this build are:

  • COMMAND.COM and USER.EXE report version 4.00.73g instead of 4.00.73f.
  • The desktop wallpaper is no longer set to tiled by default.
  • Tracker is now removed from the load= list in WIN.INI as a leftover from previous builds.
  • SUWIN.EXE has some string changes (to change valid beta site ID/password).
  • The included WinBug utility is for external testers.

Start button and menu[edit | edit source]

Although this build still has three separate Start buttons and menus like build 58s, it already contains the necessary resources to enable a single unified Start menu (but not the single button), similar to that in build 81. A tutorial on how to remove the two extra buttons and display only the unified menu is available on BetaArchive.[1]

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