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Build of Windows 95
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Beta ID: 140743
Password: d8f20fe0a
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Windows 95 build 90c is a Milestone 5 build of Windows 95. The build was originally scene-leaked and considered lost, but was later found and shared on BetaArchive by Battler on 2017-11-17.[1] This build is a re-compile of build 90, based on the letter following the build number.

This build is the first known build of Chicago to include the logoff capability.

Installation[edit | edit source]

This build came with an unbootable ISO image like most of the other Chicago builds. To install this build, either install from a boot disk or from an MS-DOS installation. This build of Chicago can also be upgraded from previous versions of Windows. A Beta ID and Password is required to install this build and build 81's Beta ID and Password can be used to install this build.

Windows 94 reference[edit | edit source]

This build is the only known build of Microsoft Chicago that includes a reference to Windows 94.[2] A dialogue used by the installation mentioning Windows 94 was discovered by the BetaArchive member ComputerHunter. This find is interesting as the first build of Chicago to use the branding Windows 95 was build 189 and this build was compiled six months earlier.

This find also suggest Chicago was planned to be called Windows 94 in the first part of 1994 meaning the planned release date would be somewhere in 1994.

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

  • Microsoft Corp. (Build90) is the default registered company (set in MSBATCH.INF), though it can be overwritten during setup.
  • Minor updates to the 3D effects across the UI.
  • Recycle Bin is disabled by default.
  • System Properties (SYSDM.CPL) is missing the Windows logo.
  • The build is identified by both Microsoft Chicago and Windows 4.0.
  • WINVER.EXE reports it as Windows 3.99.
  • VER command in Command Prompt (COMMAND.COM) reports Chicago Version 4.00.90b
  • Taskbar positioned by default at the top of the screen.

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