Windows 8 build 8133 (fbl_grfx_dev1)

Build of Windows 8
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2012-10-01 (+355 days)
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Windows 8 build 8133 (fbl_grfx_dev1) is a build of Windows 8, which was uploaded to BetaArchive on 31 December 2019.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • This is currently the earliest available build to feature an updated Segoe UI font, bringing over much of the typography changes intended for the Segoe WP typeface (which was largely used throughout the Windows Phone operating system family).
  • The About dialog in Internet Explorer 10 now has an option to automatically apply updates.
  • Apps list on the Start screen is now categorized.
  • The Language applet in Control Panel received its final icon.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Compatibility[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to set the hardware compatibility to version 9.x on VMware, otherwise booting from setup will result in a garbled black screen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]