Windows 3.1 build 061d

Build of Windows 3.1
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Architecturex86 16-bit
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Windows 3.1 build 061d is the official Final Beta release of Windows 3.1 from December 1991.

It includes the final Windows 3.1 boot screen (with the string "Final Beta Release" added), added startup/shutdown sounds, and the tutorial has been updated with new visuals and has been expanded to include a Windows Basics section. A new logo has been introduced. The logo similarly known as "Flying Windows" would be featured for a while, until Windows XP build 2428. Interestingly, the help system for this build is also in Windows 3.00a Multimedia Edition. International in the Control Panel crashes when you first open it. Setup has been revamped again, looking similar to the RTM rather than the setup from Windows 3.00.

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