Windows 2000 build 2031

Build of Windows 2000
OS family
ArchitectureDEC Alpha, x86, PC-98
Timebomb+444 days after original install date
Works inPCem
Advanced Server
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Windows 2000 build 2031 is the official Beta 3 build of Windows 2000, which was released to the public by Microsoft on 29 April 1999.[1] It is the last build to have the hibernating screen status saying "Saving Current State".

Japanese version[edit | edit source]

The Japanese and DEC Alpha versions of this build was uploaded to the Internet Archive by user anonimas on 5 July 2020 in the Advanced Server and Server SKUs.[2] The Professional SKU along with PC-98 versions was later shared by Blue Horizon on 25 October 2021.[3][4]

Korean version[edit | edit source]

The Korean version in the Server SKU of this build was uploaded to the BetaArchive FTP on 17 September 2022 alongside Windows Me build 2380.3 and Windows 98 build 1650.8, both in the Korean language. Prior to its publication beforehand, screenshots of this build were posted by Callisto on 30 July 2022.[5]

Installation[edit | edit source]

According to READ1ST.TXT on the disc, this build only supports upgrading from the Beta 3 release candidate 1 (build 2000). It also can be upgraded from release candidate 0 (build 1946), but a clean install is recommended. Upgrading from earlier versions of Windows 2000 is not supported.

Changes[edit | edit source]

This build changes the shutdown box to be identical to the logoff prompt and to the one seen in the RTM. It persisted up to Windows Vista build 5048.

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Installation[edit | edit source]

  • This build can cause a CPU shutdown error on hypervisors. Using PCem, 86Box or VARCem is recommended.
  • Setup may get stuck at the end of Installing Devices.

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