Windows 1.04

Windows 1.04
Build of Windows 1.0
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number1.04
Architecturex86 16-bit
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Windows 1.04 is a minor update to Windows 1.0, released on 8 April 1987, about six months before Windows 2.0. It included some minor changes and bug fixes, support for IBM's new PS/2 line of computers (though PS/2 mouse and VGA display drivers only shipped with IBM's OEM release), as well as an updated boot screen with Microsoft's new logo from 1987. Like versions 1.02 and 1.03 before it, it was available in multiple languages.

This also appears to be the first retail release to be shipped on 3.5" floppies in addition to 5.25" ones. Calculator, Control Panel, and Reversi have been updated to 1.04. Spooler doesn't show what port the printer isn't connected to anymore.

Readme[edit | edit source]

The list of changes in this version from README.TXT:

- A problem in Windows' handling of network failures has been fixed.

- Windows now properly restores all interrupts upon exiting.

- The interface between Windows and the printer has been changed to allow for faster printing.

- Using a high resolution screen with Windows 1.03, it was sometimes possible to move an icon off the screen where it would be inaccessible. This problem has been fixed in the 1.04 release.

- The PIF editor has been changed to allow for lower case parameters.

- Some changes have been made to allow for larger text on the calculator buttons. Previously, large text sometimes extended beyond the bounds of the buttons.

- In some international versions of Windows 1.03, the ability to remove a printer driver using the control panel did not function properly. This problem has been fixed in the 1.04 release.

- The method by which Windows 1.03 determined how to display the screen for REVERSI.EXE caused a problem with some displays. In Windows 1.04 the method by which Windows makes this determination has been changed.

- The USA keyboard driver has been changed to support the IBM RT format keyboard.

- The communications port driver has been changed to support the IBM 3812 printer.

- The drivers for the HP LaserJet and HP LaserJet+ have been replaced with a driver which supports both printers. This new HP printer driver better supports the HP LaserJet printers and allows the use of downloadable fonts on the HP LaserJet+. For information regarding usage of these downloadable fonts, see the file HPREADME.TXT on the "Supplemental Printer Driver Disk."

- The postscript printer driver has been modified to better support postscript printers, as well as to add support for IBM's Personal Pageprinter. Downloadable fonts for postscript printers are now supported. For information regarding the use of postscript printers, see the file PSREADME.TXT on the "Supplemental Printer Driver Disk."

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