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Ubuntu Touch
Distribution of Linux
Architecturei386, amd64, armhf, ARM64
Latest versionUbports 16.04 OTA-12
Initial release2013-07-02
User interfaceLomiri
Based on
Ubuntu, Debian

Ubuntu Touch is an open source Unix-like OS based on Ubuntu. It was started by Canonical on 2 January 2013, but Canonical dropped support on 5 April 2017.[1] It is now being maintained by UBports; the source code was transferred to the UBports Foundation.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Name Release date
Ubports 16.04 OTA-1 Released on 2017-06-11
Ubports 16.04 OTA-2 Released on 2017-09-29
Ubports 16.04 OTA-3 Released on 2017-12-21
Ubports 16.04 OTA-4 Released on 2018-08-27
Ubports 16.04 OTA-5 Released on 2018-10-12
Ubports 16.04 OTA-6 Released on 2018-12-07
Ubports 16.04 OTA-7 Released on 2019-01-08
Ubports 16.04 OTA-8 Released on 2019-03-07
Ubports 16.04 OTA-9 Released on 2019-05-09
Ubports 16.04 OTA-10 Released on 2019-08-22
Ubports 16.04 OTA-11 Released on 2019-10-23
Ubports 16.04 OTA-12 Released on 2020-05-14
Ubports 16.04 OTA-13 Released on 2020-09-21

References[edit | edit source]