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Timebomb2001-04-22 (+445 days)
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Windows XP build 2202 is the earliest available build of Windows XP. This build identifies itself as SD Windows 2000 Professional on the desktop watermark, where SD refers to the Source Depot version control system that Microsoft was deploying at the time.

Ties to Neptune/Whistler projects[edit | edit source]

For some time there has been a debate on whether this is a post-RTM build of Windows 2000 or a very early build of Whistler. Many system files in this build contain strings beginning with s:\ntc2, which indicates the source tree from which this build was compiled was initially located in the NTC2 folder. Considering it was compiled after the cancellation of the Neptune project, which had the source tree named NTC, it seems logical to assume that NTC2 refers to Whistler.

The Additional Drivers dialog in the Printers control panel also contains options for "Windows 2001" on AXP64 and IA64-based machines.[1] The Resource Manager component from Neptune is also present. All this rules out the possibility of this build being a post-RTM build of Windows 2000.

In addition, support for NDIS 3.0 was removed from this build. This has been verified by viewing the exports of NDIS.SYS. Other than this, it's still largely the same as Windows 2000.

Enhancements and features[edit | edit source]

"Comments?" link[edit | edit source]

The "Comments?" link from Neptune and later builds of Whistler can be added via a registry modification. To enable it, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and add the DWORD value LameButtonEnabled and set it to 1. The text of the link can be changed via a LameButtonText string key. After adding the registry entries, log off and back on and open any application to get the link. The link does nothing when clicked in this build.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

The unmodified version of this build can't be installed via booting from the CD due to a BSOD error during setup. To install, you must use a boot disk, partition and format the drive, and then run setup from there. To fix image, replace cdrom.sy_ file from different build.

Drivers[edit | edit source]

  • VMware graphics drivers newer than version 7 cannot be installed on this build since they cause a BSOD at resolutions higher than 640x480.
  • Some USB devices will cause a bugcheck upon boot with the error code UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. Removing the devices allow the machine to boot.

Stability[edit | edit source]

This build can randomly crash and doesn't really have a very good graphics rendering engine as windows that are closed will still sometimes appear on the desktop.

Closing windows[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, the regular method of closing windows doesn't work. Windows have to be closed by right clicking on their title bar or the taskbar and closing them.

File differences[edit | edit source]

The following files have been introduced or removed compared to the RTM build of Windows 2000 Professional:

Added files
Name Description Version
dbgeng.dll User-Mode Symbolic Debugger Engine for Windows 2000 5.00.2202.1 built by: ntvbl06 at: 000202-1835
resmgr.sys WDM Resoure Manager 5.00.2202.1 built by: ntvbl06 at: 000202-1835
resmgru.dll Resource Manager User Mode 5.00.2202.1 built by: ntvbl06 at: 000202-1835
Removed files
Name Description Version
iasperf.dll IAS Performance Monitoring DLL 5.00.2160.1
iasperf.ini ActiveMovie Plug-In Distributor for IKsClock 5.00.2165.1 WDM Streaming Data Type Handler 5.00.2134.1 WDM Streaming Interface Type Handler 5.00.2134.1 ActiveMovie Plug-In Distributor for IKsQualityForwarder 5.00.2134.1 WDM Streaming VPE Property Set Interface Handler 5.00.2134.1
rasadmin.exe Remote Access Administration Utility 5.00.2188.1

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