Windows 8 build 7962 (fbl_srv_wdacxml)

Build of Windows 8
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Timebomb2011-07-01 (+112 days)
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Windows 8 build 7962 (fbl_srv_wdacxml) is a build of Windows 8, which was uploaded to BetaArchive on 22 January 2020.

Redpill[edit | edit source]

Redpill in this build is not that much different from build 7955, but the color of the clock on the Start screen has been changed from black to white, like in the older build 7963.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

When logging in after completing OOBE, Windows will immediately restart the system before the desktop is shown to the user.

Aero[edit | edit source]

This build appears to have a slightly broken Windows Aero theme, with only the top portion of the window frame using the blur effect, leaving the side borders transparent.

System Reserved partition[edit | edit source]

The System Reserved partition (commonly set as the D drive) is shown in Explorer.

Gallery[edit | edit source]