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Timebomb2011-02-05 (+95 days)
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Windows 8 build 7875 is an interim build of Windows 8. Eight screenshots of this build were included with the original upload of build 7746 on 3 May 2020. The build itself was eventually uploaded on 31 December 2020.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

This build already showcases significant evolution from 7850. Additional categories for files and applications have been added to the Search menu, and the first letters of the topmost search suggestion are now highlighted in blue. This build also contains the first iteration of the new login screen, which looks mostly identical to the one found in Windows 7. Enabling Redpill changes the design of the user selection to a larger and more flat version; the login screen also utilizes the active user's desktop background in place of the original logon background image found in the aforementioned operating system.

A new Microsoft Confidential banner has been introduced, both on top of the leak warning and in place of the original winver branding from Windows 7. The operating system name has also changed to Microsoft Pre-release Windows Operating System, a change first seen in build 7867. The copyright date in the winver application has been updated to 2010.

The Windows Aero visual style has also been changed slightly and now features smaller caption buttons in certain dialogs.

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key
Home Premium RHPQ2-RMFJH-74XYM-BH4JX-XM76F
Professional HYF8J-CVRMY-CM74G-RPHKF-PW487

Setup[edit | edit source]

Setup is mostly similar to the previous available build of Windows 8 albeit with the watermark showing on the bottom-right corner. The Windows branding in the OOBE has been swapped out with a disclaimer stating that the build in question is confidential Microsoft material.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • The messages shown when the Setup is starting or restarting the computer are cut off.
  • When booting in to OOBE after an upgrade, the system might bugcheck with the code SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

Arial[edit | edit source]

This build uses the Arial font for the title bar and watermark because of a typo in aero.msstyles and aerolite.msstyles files.

Aero[edit | edit source]

This build appears to have a slightly broken Windows Aero theme, with only the top portion of the window frame using the blur effect, leaving the side borders transparent.

Desktop Window Manager[edit | edit source]

The Windows Basic and the High Contrast themes do not properly render due to the enforcement of the DWM Aero theme.

Gallery[edit | edit source]