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Build of Windows 8
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Timebomb2010-10-01 (+156 days)
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Windows 8 build 7746 is a pre-Milestone 1 build of Windows 8. This build was leaked on 2020-05-03. Unlike build 7700, this build uses the Windows 7 RTM default wallpaper. The "Send Feedback" shortcut returns to the desktop with similar functionality as in Windows 7 build 7000, except there's a new feature for logging in to Product Studio. The EULA appears to be copied from a Windows 7 RC build. In addition, the preliminary version of Internet Explorer 9 seems to be newer than the one included in build 7700, and does not crash on most websites. However, its rendering capabilities are mostly unchanged.

Being very early in development, many areas still say Windows 7 and the kernel is still 6.1 (much like builds 7700 and 7850). There are no significant changes from Windows 7, just some very minor changes and some bugs.

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key
Home Premium RHPQ2-RMFJH-74XYM-BH4JX-XM76F
Professional HYF8J-CVRMY-CM74G-RPHKF-PW487

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Some included applications do not launch.

Installation[edit | edit source]

If installing in VMWare, set the VM compatibility to 8.x or 9.x or setup will crash with "PHASE0_EXCEPTION" (0x00000078) when attempting to boot the disc image.

Gallery[edit | edit source]