Windows 3.1 build 068

Build of Windows 3.1
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build number068
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1992-02-03
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Windows 3.1 build 068 is a Release Candidate build of Windows 3.1. The build is mentioned in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992[1] and is listed in a French Microsoft Knowledge Base article.[2] The real build was later uploaded to BetaArchive on 24 November 2017.[3] The leak was modified by the original leakers from a warez group called WARES, which changed some strings in SETUP.INF and modified file dates.

NFO file[edit | edit source]

The following NFO file was included as part of the WARES release.[4]

NFO contents

             Worldwide Applications RElease System Presents...

                  ┌                                      ┐
                  │   Microsoft Windows v3.1 *RELEASE!   │
                  └                                      ┘

  Supplied by: Cracker                       Packaged by: The Gatekeeper
  Upcoming dox?: Nope                        Install info: -N/A-
  Serial No: N/A                             Size: 8.1 megs zipped
  Protection: In several files               Date: 02/04/92
  Cracked by: Cracker

   Notes: We told you we'd be first to Windows 3.1, and here she is!
          3.1 is exactly what people say, it's what 3.0 should have been
          y'all will REALLY be impressed by this.  And to all of you who
          said we don't crack, here ya go - We had to crack the fuck out
          of this to remove the serial numbers placed in various files.
          Enjoy this one! -GK

 Greets: -=NTA=-, [IUD]

        For WARES Info, see the enclosed text file: WARESNFO.TXT

Anti-trust document[edit | edit source]

The document only says this build was released to testers on 24 January 1992.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Watson no longer loads at startup.
  • This is the first build that removes the "Reboot Windows" button at the end of Setup.
  • The tutorial has now been placed at the end of the Setup.
  • Task Manager features full-screen warnings that resemble a blue screen of death (in this build they are black) that are nearly identical to the ones used in the RTM. According to Andrew Schulman's article titled Examining the Windows AARD Detection Code from 1 September 1993, it was labeled as "pre-release build 3.10.068" and dated 21 January 1992.[5]
  • This is the first build to include the boot screen used in the RTM release.

AARD code[edit | edit source]

This build contains the infamous AARD code, where setup, WIN.COM and other Windows applications that had the AARD code implemented would check if the program is running on either MS-DOS or IBM PC-DOS or something else (most commonly DR-DOS). If it is neither running on MS-DOS, nor on PC-DOS, the program will trigger a "non-fatal error" with the suggestion to contact the Microsoft Windows 3.1 beta team. It however does not prevent itself running on there, as the user was still able to continue. Builds 050, 058, 060 and 061 are also said to contain the AARD code. The AARD code is also present in later builds, including the final build of Windows 3.1, but disabled.

Microsoft Knowledge Base article[edit | edit source]

The French KB article describes an issue when Word for Windows 6.0 is started on this build – a general protection fault (GPF) is encountered in OLE2.DLL. This issues also happens on builds 070 and 071, and potentially other builds from that range according to the article.

Fake build[edit | edit source]

A heavily modified copy of this build originated from community member betaguy224 and was later shared by Battler. The build was eventually declared to be fake, as it combined files from the real build 068 mixed into other builds, and was removed from the BetaArchive FTP server in July 2013. This copy can still be found online.

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