Windows 3.1 build 061

Build of Windows 3.1
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build number061
Compiled on1991-12

Windows 3.1 build 061 is an unleaked build of Windows 3.1, mentioned in internal Microsoft e-mails from January 1992,[1] as well as February 1992,[2] and in a bug report from 9 January 1992.[3] As this build was recompiled several times before it was released as the Final Beta, this particular compile can be considered a Final Beta candidate.

The first e-mail lists test results of various applications and OS components from this build, revealing this build performed well. The second e-mail only briefly mentions it in relation to bug report increase before and after Release Candidate 1. The bug report states this build displays the infamous "Non-fatal error" when installed on DR DOS 6.0, and that the problem persists since builds 058 and 060.

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