Windows 3.1 build 060

Build of Windows 3.1
Release nameIncremental Beta Release
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build number060
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1991-12-04
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Windows 3.1 build 060 is an Incremental Beta Release build of Windows 3.1, which was first released to testers on 6 December 1991. The respective disk set containing this build was later found at a local thrift store and then dumped and uploaded onto the Internet Archive by technology enthusiast Druaga1 on 6 January 2023.[1] Disk 3 of this set was slightly modified by the previous owner to rename a modified SETUP.INI (written to by setup, containing obfuscated user/organization information) to SETUP.JMS and then to copy the original SETUP.INI back.

It is notably the subject of several internal Microsoft e-mails from January 1992[2] and in a bug report from 9 January 1992.[3]

AARD code[edit | edit source]

This build contains the infamous AARD code, where setup, WIN.COM and other Windows applications that had the AARD code implemented would check if the program is running on either MS-DOS, IBM PC-DOS, or something else, most commonly DR-DOS. If MS-DOS or PC-DOS is not running on a user's system, the program will trigger a "non-fatal error", advising the user to contact the Windows 3.1 development team. It, however, does not prevent Windows from running on said system, as the user will still be able to continue. Builds 050, 058, 061, and 068 are also known to contain the AARD code. It is also present in later builds, including the final build of Windows 3.1, albeit disabled.

A bug report for this build from 9 January 1992 references this build displaying a "non-fatal error" message during installation, followed by it allegedly failing to install on DR DOS 6.0 on most instances and hanging upon startup, with Microsoft employees actively dismissing the report several weeks after it was first reported.[3] Other similarly described bug reports were also filed for the aforementioned builds that also contained the AARD code.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The splash screen has now been finalized, albeit with it saying "Incremental Beta Release" at the bottom.
  • Added event sounds such as TADA.WAV and CHIMES.WAV, which are the startup/shutdown sounds respectively.
  • The tutorial has been updated with new visuals and has been expanded to include a Windows Basics section.
  • A new logo has been introduced. The logo similarly known as "Flying Windows" would be featured for a while, until Windows XP build 2428 (save for visible leftovers).
  • Dr. Watson has been updated to version 0.8. This version is also used in the RTM build.
  • Changes the copyright year from 1985–1991 to 1985–1992.

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References[edit | edit source]

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