Presentation Settings

Microsoft Mobile PC Presentation Adaptability Client
Component of Microsoft Windows
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Presentation Settings in Windows 10 October 2020 Update
TypeMobility tool
Introduced inWindows Vista

Presentation Settings, internally known as Microsoft Mobile PC Presentation Adaptability Client, is a component of Microsoft Windows that serves as a complement for Presentation Mode and its main management tool.

History[edit | edit source]

A non-functional prototype version of this feature can be found in Windows Longhorn build 4093's Avalon-based Display Settings (LHDesk.exe).

Presentation Settings was introduced alongside Presentation Mode in Windows Vista and can be accessed via Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Windows Mobility Center → Adjust settings before giving a presentation or typing PresentationSettings.exe in Run. This opens a dialog that contains settings available for Presentation Mode, where users can choose what will happen when it is enabled. Changes available include:

  • Turning off notifications and the Sleep power feature obligatorily to prevent interruptions
  • Turning off screen saver (if configured)
  • Setting the volume to a specific level
  • Changing the desktop background to a black image or a preinstalled one.

If the user wants to start Presentation Mode right from the Presentation Settings window, the "I am currently giving a presentation" checkbox can be ticked to start it automatically without having to go to Windows Mobility Center.

Presentation Settings hasn't received any notable updates after its initial release, being the only change in Windows 7, where the "Connected displays" link was removed.

Since Presentation Settings is a complement for Presentation Mode, it is not available on basic SKUs of the supported systems, such as the Home ones.

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