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Developer Preview 3
Build of Mac OS X Public Beta
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Mac OS X Developer Preview 3 is the third Developer Preview of Mac OS X Public Beta. This build was demonstrated at the Mac OS X introduction on 2000-01-05 in MacWorld 2000 and in the MacWorld Expo 2000 in Tokyo on 2000-02-16.[1] This build contains more major overhauls to the main interface when compared to the previous Developer Previews, and is known for the debut of the Aqua user interface.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • This build is the first build of Mac OS X to contain the Aqua user interface theme, replacing the Platinum theme used in Mac OS 8.x up to Mac OS X Server 1.x. This new interface is a mostly white and blue design with water droplet-like buttons and pinstripes. Translucent effects are also included on inactive title bars of most application windows.
  • Many applications has received updated icons that are revolved around on skeuomorphism. Most of these icons would be mostly retained up until OS X Mavericks.
  • The rainbow Apple logo has been changed to a sleek blue color, and the logo has been moved to the center of the menu bar. The logo has no effect when it is clicked, and the icon of the running application has replaced where the Apple logo originally was.
  • The time and date on the menu bar is removed. The time and date would not return onto the menu bar until the final product, Cheetah.
  • A prototype version of the Dock is also included. Compared to Developer Preview 4 and later versions, it contains the icons of the applications alongside a background for each application. Auto-hiding effects and magnification effects are also included, but they aren't enabled by default.
  • The boot screen has been revamped to change the Mac OS X Server 1.x-like design to resemble the Public Beta and the final Cheetah release.
  • Most of the NextSTEP/Server 1.x resource NIB files has been converted to XML format.
  • About This Mac now has a new design that resembles the final release. About dialogs in programs still use the old Server 1.x design.

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