Mac OS X Developer Preview 2

Developer Preview 2
Build of Mac OS X Public Beta
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Mac OS X Developer Preview 2 is the second Developer Preview of Mac OS X Public Beta. It was distributed to insiders and developers on 10 November 1999.

Compared to the previous developer preview, some user interface overhauls have been implemented, making the interface resemble that of Mac OS 9 instead of Mac OS X Server 1.x. Workspace Manager has now been renamed to Finder. As the operating system begins to transition to implementation of the Carbon API, the Blue Box emulator has been removed in this build. This build is the last build to include the Platinum theme, which would be replaced with the Aqua theme in the next developer preview.

The xnu build for Mac OS X Developer Preview 2 is Mac OS Version 10.0: Mon Oct 25 23:31:09 PDT 1999; root(rcbuilder):xnu/xnu-44:xnu/xnu-44.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC powerpc

System requirements[edit | edit source]

According to the installation documentary, this developer preview requires the following:

This version of Mac OS X works with the following computers:
  • Any Power Macintosh G3 computer
  • Any PowerBook G3 (except the original PowerBook G3)
  • Currently shipping iMac computers
  • Currently shipping Power Mac G4 computers

The computer must have:

  • At least 64 MB of RAM
    • To develop software using Mac OS X, you need at least 96 MB.
  • Internal video or an Apple-supplied ixMicro or ATI video card
  • A hard disk or disk partition with at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of available space
    • Note: You can install Mac OS X on an IDE hard disk or an external SCSI hard disk. You can also install Mac OS X on the Ultra Wide SCSI hard disk available with the "blue and white" Power Macintosh G3. You cannot install Mac OS X on the Ultra Wide SCSI hard disk available with earlier Power Macintosh G3 computers.
  • A CD-ROM drive

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